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Erick Thürmer Presents 3D-Printing

Erick Thürmer Presents 3D-Printing

We had a fascinating meeting with Erick Thürmer at Thürmer Tools. Watch the video and hear some of his insights in the following sections,

A changed mindset

In the beginning, we had an outdated mindset and were not able to see the possibilities of the new technologies. However, after implementing 3D printing, we have changed our approach and view technologies in a completely new light. When you 3D print you do not compete on labour cost, so you only compete on the price of the machine. So, when if you want to produce something in Norway or America, you can use something we called “Spotify for tolls.” That is a method where people can use our platform to download the elements to their product- thereby producing locally with minimum labour cost.

Why young people are key

Young people are not scared of what has not been done before, so they just go out and do crazy stuff. This mindset has affected our business so that we today have printed things such as a saddle for the king of Dubai, parts for Bjarne Riis bicycles and sterling silver dinosaurs. We even began to corporate with Siemens to try and 3D print the baby in the woman’s womb ( it looks super disgusting, but we only do the foot or the head). There are no boundaries of what is possible, and therefore endless creations to be made. The creative young minds are essential to make that happen.

A story about Lukas, Apple and SAP

One time I held a speech at a University in Aarhus where a guy named Lukas attended, he was very inspired by the new technologies and eventually started to work with us. When he was doing his internship with us, he worked on a project with Apple and SAP. It was a project about an app that could look through walls, which we succeeded in developing. The key thing was that Apple and SAP did not care about his young age, but what he could deliver. This example shows that everything is possible, there are no more boundaries.  

The Environment

There is a notion that it will cost a lot of money to shift to green energy. That is an old way of thinking. Today we take old car parts and make them into powder and reuse them as a new product – it is 97% circular. For instance, we have taken parts from old Mercedes caps and reused them so that they can be used for operation scissors for Danish Hospital. It was material that would have gone to waste that now get to be used in another product. Another time we did some work together with Hermés on their Birkin bags. Hermés 3D printed bags out of old plastic from the Indian Ocean, but they ended up with a weird look. The head designer of Hermés said they should cover them with gold, and now they sell for a much higher amount. Environmentally-friendly production is the future, and the youth are going to demand a green transition to a much larger extent than previous generations. It is about taking care of the planet, your co-workers, and your family. Therefore, it is so important to see how we can help small and medium-sized businesses because they are the ones that are leading the change. 70% of all workers are employed in small and medium-sized companies.   

A “Typical” workday

I do not have a typical workday; I try to leave room in my calendar so that I can be creative and innovative. It is important to reinvent yourself every day. That is one of the reasons why we have pancake Sunday and hotdog Wednesday. We spend one day a week without strict plans so that we can discuss several issues and have time and evolve our thinking. One time my daughter came up with a story about unicorns that ruled the world. The chief engineer drew and printed the unicorns that later was sold on eBay.

Advice for students, 

Unlearn everything you learned. If you want to go into technology, you have to look at it as a system that is connected. For instance, you cannot 3D print without AI.  The technological revolution is undiscussable, so you should try it out!

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