What is this strange corner of the internet?

UNGIMA is an online platform that shares a melange of news, insights and ideas on digitalization and technology from (surprisingly) different perspectives with ALL university students.

Why do you write about innovation in technology and digitalization?

Currently, knowledge about new technologies and digitalization are gathered in silos at the technical universities. It makes it difficult for other university students to get insight into how new technologies and digitalization can be applied, how they affect our society and how we should regulate it. We think it is a shame. All students need to have access to this information in order to take part in implementing it in a responsible way. That is why, our mission is to connect and inspire university student through our content and platform, so that we, the students, benefit from each other’s skills and are better prepared to handle the complex challenges we are facing.
We believe diversity is the foundation for innovation in the future.

Great, so who writes the articles?

The articles are written or edited by students. That means that some of the content comes from the contributors themselves while other articles and videos are made by students.

Julie Bjerre

Kezia Wexøe-Mikkelsen

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